Reclaimed Waste

Bedknobs Recycling and Reuse rate for 2014-2015

Waste Disposal

Waste 'Disposal'

We have been recycling and reusing at Bedknobs since we moved to Cornwall and indeed a long time before. A big question for us has always been how can we understand exactly how much we recycle and where does it all go to. One idea given to us by Vanessa of Strattons at a CoaST Sustainable Tourism bash was to record every bit of material going off-site by weight. Starting in May 2014, we hope this will allow us to see exactly how much waste material we produce and help us make improvements.

The following charts provide an overall summary of what we have found so far. If you would like to explore further then interactive charts can be found on the Waste Charts page.

Waste Percentage by Destination

Bedknobs Waste - Percentage by Destination

Waste Weight by Category

Bedknobs Waste - Weight by Category

Waste Weight by Destination

Bedknobs Waste - Weight by Destination