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  • Postcode: PL14 6RY
  • Grid Ref: SX227699
  • 13.3 miles21km from Bedknobs B&B

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Come Rain or Shine

If the weather is not at it's best, or you just want to spot a few more things for your itinerary, then here is an excellent guide to help you.

Golitha Falls

Oak and Beech woodland along the River Fowey

Golitha Falls refers to an area of ancient woodlands that sit alongside the river Fowey as it cascades it’s way through a steep valley gorge. The scenery here is beautiful at any time of the year, but the falls are best appreciated after a good bout of rain on the moor.

From the car park, the first half-a-mile of walks are on fairly level ground and are suitable for all. If you wish to explore further down the valley, then good boots and nimble limbs are recommended. Access from the car park leads to Draynes Wood is a declared SSSI based on a rich diversity of mosses and lichens that grow alongside the river.

The Falls are now managed by English Nature and although they have a ’hands-off’ approach, there is evidence of coppicing which reflect previous uses of the wood. There is also evidence of past industrial mining as there are several large stonework structures down-stream that were associate with the Wheal Victoria copper mine.

Futher Information

An excellent description of the area including the fauna and flora can be found at Cornwall's National Nature Reserves.

Planning a Day Out

Although the first kilometre of paths are well laid out, solid footwear with heel support is recommended, especially if you wish to venture further down-stream where your rock-clambering techniques will be tested.

Latest News

Inkie's Smokehouse BBQ have taken over the lease of the car park and toilets at Golitha Falls. This means that you can not only enjoy a good walk, but can look forward to a good munch as well. Check out their opening times at Inkies SmokeHouse BBQ at Golitha Falls and give them your support as this is an excellent example of how to keep Cornwall's facilities open and available.

Golitha Falls on Bodmin Moor is part of Bedknobs Stone Tour itinerary that incorporates many sites around the SE quarter of Bodmin Moor. Nearby other sites that cover stone formations and creations from 3500BC to the 19th century include:

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