Reclaimed Energy

The percentage of kWh of electrity saved by using low-energy lighting

Bedknobs Current Reduction

  • 6,912kWh each year
  • 3,711 KgCO2 each year
  • £933.12 each year

These figures indicate the level of reduction for our 'model' of usage. Just think what you could achieve!

Greening our Energy

At Bedknobs B&B, you will find all of the following.

  • low-energy light bulbs both inside and out
  • an efficient condensing boiler
  • All A+ rated appliances (where sustainable)
  • thermostatic valves on every radiator
  • 6m2 of solar panels on the roof – see them on Google Maps/Earth (PL31 2DX)
  • roof space packed with insulation.
  • standbys turned off when not in use
  • all energy sourced through Good Energy

Electricity Supply

We are very pleased to say that since September 2013 Bedknobs electricity supply consists of 100% renewable energy supplied by Good Energy. Previously we utilised NPower Juice, however the opportunity to get 100% renewable electricity was too good to miss.

Electricity Usage

Our primary usage of electricity is for lighting and since 2004 we have undertaken an exercise to understand what we can do to reduce energy consumtion without compromising lighting quality. You can find out more on our Energy - Lighting page.

In 2014 we had a survey undertaken on a flat roof at the rear of Polgwyn that could support up to 2kW of Solar PV generation. This would supply approx. 25% of our baseline load given that it's solar, however the logistics are complicated and so the cost benefit means that this is on the drawing-board for now.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Bedknobs have been proud owners of an EV charging point since 2013. Having always been interested in the concept, reality became available via a good friend at the CHA. Suffice to say that if you would like to find out more, then please visit our EV Charging Points page.

CHA - Considerate Hoteliers Association

The Considerate Hoteliers Association is an organisation run by hoteliers, for hoteliers, with a belief that sound business practices, common sense and social responsibility will impact positively on the bottom line as well as bring about change for the good.

Electricity Monitoring

We started monitoring our use of electricity on a daily basis in August 2014 and you can find out more on our Energy - Monitoring page.

Gas Supply

Our gas supply is also from Good Energy and this is a bit of a problem as it's a standard fossil-fuel. We are keeping an eye on Ecotricity as they are looking to introduce a Green Gas tariff in 2016 based on 100% bio-methane.

Gas Usage

Our primary usage of gas is for central heating and direct hot water. In 2015 we replaced our faithful Ideal Maximiser SE65 with a Worcester-Bosch GB162 65kW unit. The Maximiser served us faithfully for 14 years we reviewed a variety of potential renewable options such as wood-pellet or log gasifiers, however the logistics and associated infrastructure costs are too great for our business as it stands.

Having replaced installed our new boiler we are keeping a watchful eye on a new Green Gas tariff that Ecotricity hopes to bring in in 2016.