Water Usage

Here some ways by which we minimise and re-use water

  • Rainwater harvesting - 600L132gal of stored watered - enough to water the garden for 2 weeks
  • Veggie patch irrigated using run-off from a shed roof
  • Eco-shower heads
  • Water 'Hippos' in older toilet cisterns
  • Low flush toilets in all refurbished areas
  • Dishwasher is a Bosch Classixx with rated water use of 12L2.6gal per cycle
  • Washing machine - LG FD422 with rated water use of 7L1.5gal per wash - we tend to interrupt rinse cycles where they are not needed
  • 'Scrap Water' is used to water the indoor plants

A host of useful water saving tips can be found on the How to Save Water website.